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Three things you should never do at an open house inspection

Wednesday, 20th November, 2019 // Tips & Advice

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Historically, open house inspections have been a weekend morning staple in the Australian real estate market. These days, many people are either working or taking their kids to Saturday morning sports, and so open house inspections are also held on weekday afternoons or evenings.

Attending an open house inspection of a property you’re interested in buying is one of the best ways to do a thorough evaluation of whether the residence is suitable for you and your lifestyle. Unfortunately, it seems that some people tend to forget their manners at such events.

Emma Brown-Garrett is head auctioneer for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, and she has identified the top three things a buyer should never do at an open house inspection.

3 things you should never do at an house inspection 

1. “One thing buyers should always remember is that the home is usually lived in, and it’s nice to be respectful to the space,” says Emma. “You should never go through drawers or someone’s personal space.”

2. “It is never polite to use the bathroom while at an open for inspection.”

3. “As a buyer, it’s never polite to refuse to leave your name and number. As agents, we ask for this information as we need to know who is viewing the home for security reasons,” says Emma. “Additionally, the more info you leave us with allows us to help the buyer with their search.”

Who knew inspectors were rifling through drawers and using the amenities?

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