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This office of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate specialises in Investment Properties

We can help you buy a low-risk investment property in Victoria, NSW and QLD.

How it works:
1. Book a free consultation with our MD Michael Sloan author of The Formula to Successful Property Investing.
2. Together you will create a plan, a blueprint for moving forward, learn his formula to success
3. Put Your Plan Into Action, Michael will source an investment property that meets your budget and your cash and capital growth needs

Michael Sloan is one of Australia’s leading independent property experts, giving home buyers and investors simple yet powerful strategies to create wealth and lifestyle options through property.
He can work with you one on one to guide you in the property investing process. His major goal is to stop you from making mistakes he has seen so many make in his 20 years in the industry. Learn what makes a good investment property and why. Learn about properties you should stay away from no matter what, and gain valuable insights you would not achieve on your own. Michael will provide you with a free cash flow analysis on an investment property tailored to your personal financial situation.

Most of our clients, however, are every day Australians on an average disposable income who want to create wealth for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to!):
- People heading towards retirement without the nest egg for the lifestyle they desire. It’s never too late to invest in property while you are still working.
- First home buyers and rentvestors (rent where you want to live and invest in property).
- Parents who wish to send their children to private school, have them leave University with no HECS debt, or to help their children enter the property market.
- People who wish to retire early, have lifestyle choices and travel the world.

Michael is the Managing Director of Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate in Victoria and founder of property investment rm The Successful Investor.
Michael writes about property for the National Australia Bank Website. He has provided property advice on Channel Nine, major Australian radio programs, major metropolitan newspapers Australia-wide, property magazines and industry trade journals.
He has been named one of the Top Ten Property Advisors in Australia by Your Investment Property Magazine.
Michael has assisted his clients with their real estate needs for over 20 years delivering outstanding client care and a superior level of service in property investment.

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