Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

Marketing Plan

Adding value to your property

Improving the appearance of your property is a great way to add value in the mind of the buyer as well as increase your prospects of a sale. Ten improvements to consider for your property marketing strategy include:

  1. Cleaning, organising and neutralising your property can make it look bigger and more like a blank canvas for prospective buyers
  2. Keep your lawn, green, healthy and well-maintained at all times
  3. Adding insulation creates a more energy friendly home and can reduce cooling and heating costs for a new buyer
  4. Update your kitchen by adding appliances, renovating cheaper hardware such as knobs and re-painting kitchen cabinets
  5. Update your bathroom fixtures such as taps in sinks and showers
  6. Build a fence as this can enhance the perception of value through increased privacy as well as security for children and pets
  7. Repair any broken gutters and ensure they are well-cleaned
  8. Adding lighting to your outdoor areas to enhance aesthetic appeal and feelings of safety in your home
  9. Ensure that you have ample storage space on display as this is a key part of being able to organise any house
  10. Convert any unused rooms into something a buyer would want to see such as a bedroom, workspace, gym or library

Presenting your home to buyers is an important part of a property marketing plan

Presenting your home during ‘open inspections’ or by appointment is an important part of the sales process. Although prospective buyers are guests in your home, it’s essential that you present your home in a way that will encourage them to imagine living there.

On the days when your property is open, there are a few ways to subtly help make your home more welcoming to buyers:

  • Check the temperature and make sure that the house isn’t too cold or too hot
  • Create a welcoming mood to your property by lighting a fire in the fireplace or playing some unobtrusive background music that can help distract from noise
  • Open blinds and windows to let in as much light as possible and turn on all the lights in the property
  • Partially close blinds in rooms where the view from the window may not be very appealing.

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