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Completing the Sale of Your Property

Completing the Sale

Tips for moving to your new property

With the right advice and effective plan in place, selling your property can be an easy and stress-free experience. Moving can seem overwhelming no matter how many times you go through the process, but Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate is here to help you from start to finish. Start your moving checklist by remembering these tips for moving:

  • Make clear arrangements with the buyer of your property about possession of the home and the date they will move in
  • Start planning early and dispose of or sell possessions that you won’t be taking with you
  • Make a list ahead of time for any important items you will need to buy for your new home
  • Start packing early and ensure that you label all boxes correctly

Advice for first time sellers

As a first time seller, the real estate market can seem daunting and complex to navigate. At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, we’re here to make your journey in the real estate process easier, but here are some tips for you to get started.

  • Consider the timing of your property sale, whether any work needs to be completed first or any other factors that could impact the process
  • Today’s real estate market is very transparent – buyers now have a lot of information at their disposal and will likely want different things compared to 10 years ago
  • Ensure your property looks its best by putting in the extra work needed
  • Make sure you attend to any mechanical problems as a building inspection can expose issues that may jeopardise a sale
  • Understanding local market trends and pricing is essential for setting the optimal asking price for your property
  • Don’t underestimate your competition and contact your Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agent to help make your property stand out to potential buyers
  • Work with your Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agent to gain a realistic understanding of your property’s value and potential on the market
  • Work with your Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agent to establish a marketing plan and use the most effective methods to attract potential buyers to your property

For friendly advice and tips for moving, contact your local Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate team.