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Buying a Home

How to Buy a House the Right Way

Buying a home or investment property is a big deal and there’ll be a substantial, long-term financial commitment that goes with it. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate is here to help you work on a thorough assessment of your ideal property to determine what will suit your personal circumstances.

If you know what your ideal property type is, where you’d want to be located and you’ve got your finances organised, you’re ready to put in an offer. But before diving in, it’s extremely important to do your research and ensure that you are fully knowledgeable about a property, its condition and all the legal information in the contract of sale.

If you’re wondering how to buy a house and keep yourself totally protected, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® can help with professional advice and expert tips so make sure you contact your local Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® team.

What to consider when buying your home

  • Get expert legal advice so that you fully understand what the contract of sale contains before signing anything
  • Get a professional building/pest inspection so you are able to make an offer that reflects the true value of the property
  • Professional inspections could uncover severe maintenance, electrical, structural, drainage, roof, ventilation, window seal and environmental problems
  • Obtain professional advice to make sure that your offer strategy is best positioned to get you the sale you’re looking for
  • When buying at auction, ensure you’re comfortable with the bidding process, set yourself a limit, avoid entering personal bidding wars and ensure finance is available
  • Consider whether the current housing market is financially favourable to you
  • Set a strict budget and think about whether you want to go all the way to your price ceiling
  • Remember that if you don’t get the property you’re after, there are many other properties on the market that will suit you

Let our team help you navigate the steps to buying a house

There are numerous routes you can go down when buying your first home. You can buy via the traditional method through a reputable and trustworthy estate agency like Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate®. Our highly qualified team can help you make the preparations needed before you move in to make an offer. Our expert insight will maximise the chances of you making the most of your pre-approval finances and having your offer accepted.

Alternatively, the steps to buying a house may lead you to an auction. An auction can be tricky to navigate and that is why planning is essential. Ensure you are comfortable with the bidding process, set yourself a limit, avoid entering personal bidding wars and take your chequebook with you.

The right of negotiation is normally given to the highest bidder. With the assistance of your local Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® branch, you can receive expert advice as to whether it is in your best interests to go ahead with an offer.