Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

Career FAQ’s

We expect that you may have some questions relating to working for Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate

While not definitive, the following frequently asked questions reflect those we get often and may offer you more insight to help you make a decision

Should you have any queries not covered below, feel free to contact your local Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate branch. Also, make sure you visit our other career pages so you can see the available jobs as they are listed.

How do I apply for a job?

Once you’ve found a job that you’d like to apply for, send your cover letter and resume to the contact details noted for that specific role. Make sure that you address and include all the information requested so your application is comprehensive.

Do I need any qualifications?

It depends on the role you are applying for. Some roles such as real estate sales agents or principals require you to hold a minimum qualification which can vary from state to state. We suggest you research the requirements from the Real Estate Institute in your particular state.

Will I have to wear a uniform?

At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate we have a preferred standard of dress which will be explained at the interview, and again at induction.

I am currently employed and don’t want to provide them as a reference. Is this an issue?

We totally understand this situation and recommend that you provide other references to support your application. This may be from previous employment or a professional acquaintance (e.g. qualified accountant) who can offer a personal testimonial.

What if I see more than one job I wish to apply for?

You are able to apply for as many jobs as you like. We recommend however that you choose roles that best suit your skills, experience and career ambitions.

Are my personal details safe?

Absolutely Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and its franchisees are bound by the Federal Privacy Laws.

Can I apply for a job via mail or fax?

The fastest and most efficient way to apply for a job is to use the methods advised in the specific job listing which in most cases will be via email.

What will I earn in my new job?

Remuneration will rate vary between jobs based on your experience and the role being applied for. Most employees are paid according to the appropriate workplace agreement or award.

Do you have any tips on applying for a job with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate?

  • Make sure you read the information on our careers site to better understand the skills and qualities we look for in our employees.
  • Read the application form carefully and gather any additional information you require.
  • First impressions matter and your application is our first introduction to you. Make sure that it is neat, error-free and complete.
  • For some roles, we require proof of visas, qualifications and licences, be prepared to bring them with you at the first stage of the selection process.

What should I do if I am invited to attend an interview?

  • It is important to remember that an interview is you at your ‘best’, make sure you are well groomed and on time.
  • Come to interviews prepared. Know a little about us, know why you want to join Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, and have a few questions prepared to ask us.
  • Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is in the real estate business, so we want to see you smile, be confident and keen. This is what our customers will want to see too.