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Greenhouse – Your New CRM

Friday, 25th January, 2019 // Innovation & Technology

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate to introduce a new leading-edge proprietary CRM platform to manage customer and property information and generate leads.

In addition to preparations to launch the first wave of offices, the team at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate have been building a state-of-the-art proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system that will be the envy of the industry.

Greenhouse is the name of the sleek cloud-based CRM that enables principals and sales agents to record, access and analyse customer and property information. The platform will facilitate lead management and opportunity scoring, manage vendor expectations, improve efficiency, and importantly deliver direct and qualified leads to agents daily.

Chief Technology Officer Steve Glachan said, “The Better Homes and Gardens brand has an excellent reputation for delivering inspiration to the 1 in 4 Australian’s that it reaches, and we’ll ensure the extension into real estate continues this by providing exceptional service and support backed by leading-edge technology”.

The digital world in which we operate demands a close relationship between business and technology. Extending beyond traditional CRMs that just manage contacts and listings, Greenhouse offers full digital communication capability where agents can email their client base and generate analytics on those that are most engaged.

Greenhouse offers real-time access to information and is accessible while on-the-go using mobile and tablet, so agents will always have access to the critical information they need. Enquiries can also be captured remotely such as at open house inspections where a customised message can be sent immediately to the prospect.

“Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate understands that the franchisee requires up-to-date information to better run their business,” said Mr Glachan. Greenhouse has been built to manage business profitability, sales data, and real-time team performance metrics so they can act quickly when issues or opportunities are identified.

The launch of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has attracted strong interest from real estate professionals with the opening of the first offices imminent.

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