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Launch of Be Better University

Wednesday, 31st July, 2019 // Property Market News

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has supported it’s focus on developing the knowledge and skills of its people through the launch of ‘Be Better University’.

This interactive online learning platform is now available to the entire network of principals, sales agents, property managers and administrators.

Created to deliver on-demand learning across all offices in the country, Be Better University was brought to life by head of training, Karmen Costigan, who has leveraged her Bachelor of Education and twenty years of real estate experience.

“There is an overwhelming amount of training available in this industry. The challenge is how that training translates into a change of behaviour and ultimately an increase in performance” said Ms Costigan.

Be Better University provides courses that span the various skills necessary to succeed in real estate. These include sales, property management, administration, leadership, social media, and technology.

Every person who works within the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate network has the opportunity to learn a broad variety of content to help develop their real estate related competencies and enhance their career.

For franchise owners, the platform also provides a great recruitment and retention tool. For existing staff, the business owner can also obtain reporting that shows the courses attempted and completed by their teams so they can ensure everyone is taking training seriously.

“I would ask principals if they knew what training their staff had attended and what had they learned, and many couldn’t really answer the question. Now they can see exactly what modules their employees have completed in a course and how long it took them to do it” said Ms Costigan.

Complimenting the university will be weekly webinars on a wide range of topics from utilising Facebook effectively to growing a rent roll; as well as face to face training sessions where in-depth learning is required.

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