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How to find the right suburb for your ‘forever’ home

Thursday, 17th October, 2019 // Property Market News

Ask yourself these 5 easy questions. – by 

Buying a home is more than simply finding a property that meets the needs of you and your family. It needs to be close to schools and amenities, but it also needs to be in a suburb that feels comfortable and safe. We’ve pulled together a list of key indicators that suggests you’ve found the perfect location for a ‘forever’ home.

  1. What is your dream location?
    Do you dream of living by the sea, in the centre of the city or in a remote wilderness? Once you know what your ‘dream’ location is, you can find a suburb that fits the profile.
  2. Do you trust the community?
    Your home will feel a lot safer if you trust your neighbours. If you’re in a position where your neighbours say hello when they’re grabbing the mail, or are happy to tell you if your dog has made a great escape – you’re in the right place. Look for your people.
  3. Are there local services?
    The right suburb will have everything you need, from a supermarket and doctor’s office to a dentist, top-notch coffee spot and maybe even a park for the kids to play in. Whatever you need, make sure the suburb supplies it.
  4. Are you confident with the property?
    You and your family should feel proud to invite guests and family into your ‘forever’ home, so ensure you feel comfortable within the home, the suburb and the transport available for reaching the location. You shouldn’t feel as though you have to apologise for your neighbours overgrown lawn or the feral cats that frequent the area.
  5. Is it sustainable?
    The last and final question you need to be able to answer is “is this sustainable?”. That means asking yourself if the commute between home and work is something you can do forever? Can you service the mortgage without plunging into financial stress? Do you feel comfortable maintaining the property (particularly if it has vast gardens)?

Finding the perfect suburb for you ‘forever’ home is all about locating an area that feels happy, safe, has all the services to fulfil your needs and doesn’t place undue stress on any member of the family.

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