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12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home

Saturday, 14th November, 2020 // Property Market News

Looking for some seasonal design inspiration for your home this holiday season? Check out these 12 beautiful themes and get ideas for how to infuse a little holiday cheer into your house to better welcome your family, friends, guests and potential home buyers.

12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

White Christmas

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Transform your home’s interior into a winter wonderland with cream-coloured baubles, bows and accessories. The quickest way to lighten things up is to simply replace red items with white on your decorating list. For example, out with the red poinsettia, in with the white.






12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

Classic Red

Any home with tasteful, classic design readily adapts to just about any seasonal décor update. It’s difficult to go wrong with the colour red during the winter holidays. For example, these homeowners used classic red toile stockings to decorate their mantel, and the look enhances the traditional feel of their charming cottage.





12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

Warm Green & White

Bring the beauty of winter evergreens indoors with a soothing, subtle mix of soft whites and greens. Using classic wreaths and topiary is a lovely way to create a holiday look for your home that’s both easy on the eyes and easy to accomplish. And it looks great throughout the winter— most elements can stay in place until March.





12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

Old-Fashioned Tree

Fill your tree with holiday classics. Glass ornaments, beaded garlands and tiny lights have a homey look that can also appear elegant and luxurious in any home’s style and décor.







12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

Northern Lights

The rich traditions of a Scandinavian holiday celebration include lots of beautiful candles and the refined look of rich contrasts: almost everything is a colour play with white. Play off your home’s lines and existing wall colour to create simple and elegant decorations to charm visitors and prospective homebuyers alike.





12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

Perfect in Pink

Most homeowners probably wouldn’t think of pink as a holiday color. But keep in mind that your seasonal decorating can sometimes play off a room’s regular decorating colours or style. This living room incorporated pink-and-white holiday trimmings that suit the room and contrast delightfully with the snowy landscape outside.






12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

Simply Christmas

The look of simplicity can be the perfect starting place for a holiday decorating scheme. It’s a natural for many homeowners with country-style houses, yet the look could easily fit into a more contemporary scheme, too. To enhance the aura of simple elegance, keep colours, decorations and clutter to a minimum.






12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

Glowing with Gold

Using gold in your holiday decorating is a classic design style. The warm metallic hue makes other colors, especially greens, appear more vibrant. Add wreaths, ornaments and amber-colored lights to create a warm gold tone in your home this season.





12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

Singular Sensation

Have some fun by creating a holiday tree using themed decorations. Pick one shape or ornament style, and use it throughout your home. For example, stars are in the spotlight of this holiday house. The homeowners use star ornaments, paper stars and tin stars—plus brightly coloured ribbons and gift wrap—to decorate their warm, yellow-and-white living room and Christmas tree.





12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

Snowy White

Take a mostly white colour scheme, and you can add almost any other colour for a punch of interest. This home’s white living room is accented with green and yellow pillows. Likewise, the tree is primarily white; only the packages below show a hint of colour—also shades of green and yellow.





12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

Red and Green

Give a red room even more holiday style by hanging green wreaths on every window. These have the added embellishment of decorative plates hung inside each wreath circle. Wide red ribbon decorates each wreath and loops them up in varying heights.





12 Holiday Decoration Themes for Your Home -

Over the Top

Exhibiting a unique personality, this tree borrows from several themes. Silver platters are mixed with tiny lamps, chandeliers, teapots, picture frames and traditional glass ornaments. As a finishing touch, feathers burst from the tree with wild abandon.





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