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Why winter is a good time to plant roses in your garden

Friday, 9th July, 2021 // Property Market News

It seems odd, but it’s the best time of the year! – by 

It kinda goes against everything that makes sense to many, but in actual fact, winter is the best time of every season to plant roses in your garden. But why?

This isn’t the first winter garden myth that has gardeners giving up during the colder months. When in fact, it all comes down to the seasonality of the plant.

Winter is the best time for pruning and planting roses because, as a deciduous plant, a lot of the its roots and tops become dormant during the chilly winter months, so you can get away with doing a lot more to the plant that would otherwise damage it if you fiddled with it during spring or summer.

Winter means you can prune it back, dig it up and repot or just move it to another part of the garden without doing as much damage to the plant as you otherwise would were it alive. Perfect!

How to plant roses

When it comes to planting and growing roses, there are a lot of things to consider.  Firstly you should have your rose bed ready before planting them, so they can go right into the ground. Make sure you’ve chosen a sunny position as it’s vital to growth, and good soil drainage is a must. Here’s how.

  • Dig the soil to a depth of around 20-25cm, add some manure.
  • Water well to moisten the soil and allow to drain. Soak the rose bulb water to allow the roots to hydrate.
  • Dig a hole with a mound at the base. Add the rose, spreading the roots out before you cover in dirt. Place the rose bud onion bump above ground level.
  • Water well to eliminate air pockets.



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