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3 reasons why a heated towel rack makes a difference in summer

Friday, 4th February, 2022 // Tips & Advice

A heated towel rack in the bathroom is on everyone’s wishlist in winter. Not only would it quickly dry your towel but it also warms it up for when you step out of the shower onto the freezing tiles.

However, a heated towel rack can also be of use throughout the humid summery months, too.

1. Humidity

We know that summer and heated towel rack sounds like an oxymoron, but despite the name, they are actually designed to dry more than warm.

Drying your towel in humidity can be a nightmare when it’s still damp from the previous night. Heated towel racks like Bathroom Butler’s come with temperature selectors which make it easy to dry in every season. You can drop the temp down on hot days and bump it right back up when winter rolls around again.  

2. Save water and energy

According to Bathroom Butler Australia, towels dried on its heated racks don’t need to be washed as regularly. Cutting down on regular washing can shave hours off laundry time and reduce your water usage.  

You can also slash your energy bill by skipping the dryer in summer. Items like like swimsuits and underwear dry quickly on a heated towel rack. 

3. Prevent Mould

A hot shower with the fan can still produce a lot of moisture which inevitably leads to mould, and damp fabrics stored in the bathroom, like towels, aren’t as safe as you think.

Unless your space is well-ventilated, a heated towel rack is the best way to ensure towels remain mould-free.

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