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How to create the ultimate kids backyard

Friday, 18th February, 2022 // Tips & Advice

After countless lockdowns, home-schooling and playground closures, the importance of fun and stimulating child-friendly outdoor spaces has never been more apparent. But where do you start?

From sprawling lawns to tiny courtyards, there’s a plethora of clever ways to inject joy into your spaces with these budget-friendly D.I.Y. tips.

BHG has teamed up with Bunnings to bring you the best ideas from its Make It Happen series, where the team helps renovation novices transform their homes. In this backyard renovation, the team turn a lacklustre suburban garden into an array of entertaining zones. Here we share five brilliant ideas on how to recreate this ultimate kids backyard.  

1. Design stations for creativity

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with activity zones that inspire creative play. Some great ideas include a wooden boat for sailing the high seas or a cubby village. Choose a theme, such as a farmers market or space station, and personalise the mini village with fun signage and a lick of bright paint.

If you’re creating a space designed specifically for your children, don’t forget to include them in the planning process. This is a great opportunity to discover what they’re passionate about while getting them excited for their new backyard.      

2. Encourage physical play

Vibrant climbing equipment is the statement piece of this family-friendly backyard. The cubby, swings and rock-climbing wall are tied together with a consistent coat of white paint and bright pops of yellow and blue.

An at-home playground encourages kids to keep physical. Here, the Bunnings team use soft fall mulch to craft a durable and soft surface for a safer play environment.      

3. Build a veggie train

A vegetable garden is a fun and practical addition to any backyard. It not only provides an abundance of seasonal produce, but also gives you an opportunity to teach your children how to grow food.  

Turn an everyday veggie patch into a feature piece such as a veggie train to amp up the fun factor. All you need is five wooden crates, a coat of paint, plastic saucers and — of course — vegetable seeds. Stack them side by side and voilà, you’ve got your very own veggie train.  

4. Include a sandpit

Sandpits are easy to build, inspire creativity and are fun for kids of all ages. Just build the retaining sleeper walls for your sandpit, move the sleeper walls to where you want it positioned, fill with sand and smooth out using a rake.

Ensure you include shelter overhead by installing a shade sail. This way, your children can play comfortably outside in the warmer months.  

5. Design a pop-up movie cinema

Turning a plain wall into a pop-up outdoor cinema is a simple D.I.Y. project that will be a box office smash. How to create? First, use an old white sheet as a guide and mark out the top two corners on your wall. Add a hook on either side, and simply hook your sheet or canvas to each hook to form the screen.

Next, scatter a few cushions and beanbags for seats, whip up some popcorn and play your kids’ favourite movie outside. It’s the perfect treat before bedtime, and the sheet can easily be taken down when not in use.


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