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From the outback to coastal bliss: tips for decorating your home

Tuesday, 20th February, 2024 // Tips & Advice

Here in Australia our vibrant mix of cultures offer a unique blend of decor inspiration that reflects our laid-back lifestyle and eclectic charm. It embodies a sense of openness and connection to nature. Check out some tips we’ve put together below:

  • Natural Elements: The Australian landscape is characterised by stunning natural beauty, and you can bring a touch of it into your home by incorporating natural elements. Choose furniture crafted from native Australian timber, such as jarrah or Tasmanian oak, to add warmth and authenticity to your space. Consider using indoor plants like eucalyptus, kangaroo paw, or the iconic Australian native, the kangaroo fern, to bring a touch of the outdoors inside.
  • Coastal Influences: Embrace a coastal colour palette with shades of blues, whites and sandy neutrals. Decorate with seashells, driftwood and coastal artwork to create a serene atmosphere reminiscent of the ocean breeze.
  • Indoor-Outdoor Living: Aussies are known for our love of the great outdoors, so it’s little wonder why many look to integrate indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly. Consider installing bi-fold or sliding doors to connect your living room to your patio or deck. You can also use outdoor furniture indoors to create a relaxed, alfresco vibe.
  • Casual Comfort: Australians are known for their easy-going and laid-back lifestyle, and this is reflected in their home decor. Opt for comfortable and practical furniture that invites relaxation. Think oversized sofas, plush cushions, and soft throws that exude a sense of comfort and hospitality.
  • Light and Airy Spaces: Embrace the abundance of natural light by keeping your interiors bright and airy. Choose window coverings that allow sunlight to filter through, and opt for light-toned furniture to create an open and inviting atmosphere. Mirrors strategically placed can also enhance the feeling of spaciousness.
  • Eclectic Mix: Our decor celebrates an eclectic mix of styles and influences. Blend modern and vintage pieces to create a unique and personalised space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold patterns, textures, and colours that reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of Australian culture.

By incorporating natural elements, coastal influences, Indigenous art, and embracing indoor-outdoor living, you can create a home that not only looks beautiful but also feels authentically Australian. So, let your creativity flow, and embark on a decorating journey that celebrates the unique charm of Down Under.

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