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BHGRE leverages first to market Dynamic Carousel advertising format

Thursday, 29th April, 2021 // Property Market News

Are Media has partnered with creative management platform, Bonzai, and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate to launch a first to market advertising format which empowers advertisers to create engaging and effective campaigns that showcase multiple products in one ad unit.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate will utilise the new Dynamic Carousel to promote eight properties, each with their own image, location details and click-through links to individual property pages, within state targeted ads.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate will run the new Dynamic Carousel format on Are Media’s Better Homes and Gardens website.

The Dynamic Carousel addresses the content and production challenges faced by advertisers and publishers as it is scalable and can be promoted across any of Are Media’s sites and sections as it runs out of standard desktop billboards and mobile MREC positions.

The format allows advertisers greater brand control over campaigns as the ads can be audience and geo-targeted and there is no double-handling of assets. Creative changes can be managed quickly by the client as the content update process is automated by a Google Sheet or via a feed. It also offers greater reporting capabilities and supported analytics.

Andrew Cook, director of sales at Are Media said: “We’re always looking at new ways to connect commercial partners with our audiences and we’re excited to have worked with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Bonzai, to launch this innovative Dynamic Carousel format. As it can be custom designed for individual campaign requirements and has applications for a great number of advertisers.”

Bonzai’s founder and CEO, Rahul Pandey added: “Advertisers for a long time have faced the challenge of scaling their campaigns and engaging effectively with their audience all the while being agile, in control and relevance. Bonzai’s Dynamic Carousel responds to these needs and aims to simplify the production process for SMBs and publishers alike.”

Michelle Delaney, CEO Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate brands, said: “It’s important that our audiences have optimal user experiences when they engage with our brand across digital platforms. We’re delighted to have partnered with Are Media and Bonzai on the launch of the Dynamic Carousel to showcase our properties and drive audience awareness and interest.”

Figures from Roy Morgan Audiences for January this year show Are Media’s homes websites, which includes Homes to Loves, Home Beautiful and Better Homes and Gardens, had an unduplicated unique audience of 1,009,106. Across all Are Media consumer sites there was a unique audience of 4,478,475.

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