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New QR code check-in

Friday, 25th June, 2021 // Innovation & Technology, Property Market News

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (BHGRE) has developed and rolled out a new service that enables Open Home attendees to self-check-in prior to entering a property using their camera on their phone to scan a QR code.

There has been a resurgence of the QR code on the back of COVID due to the need to reduce touchpoints. This industry first sees the QR code functionality extended to property inspections to provide a safer experience for attendees while delivering greater efficiency to real estate agents.

While BHGRE already had an Open For Inspection (OFI) tool which also enabled potential homebuyers to provide feedback on the property, this enhancement adds further convenience and has been well received by the network.

The branded QR code delivers a range of benefits to their network. Firstly, it simplifies the collection of OFI attendee data which is particularly valuable given current market conditions have resulted in an increase in the number of open home attendees. It takes advantage of the fact that consumers are now used to using their mobile phones to scan QR codes and provide their information for various reasons.

The new technology also removes of the need for manual data entry by BHGRE agents. The seamless integration with the existing OFI feedback collection tool means that contact details are automatically stored into the proprietary CRM platform, Green House, and matched to existing records to ensure efficient and accurate data collection and storage.

An additional benefit to agents is their ability to view the details of attendees as they check-in via the QR code so they can better greet and engage with them as they inspect the property.

This year has seen numerous technology-based releases by the brand. BHGRE recently built an Open API that has been leveraged to link their proprietary business platform, Green House, to the third-party tools used by their franchisees to enable them to quickly connect and interact with BHGRE data.

This capability is already being utilised to connect with applications like Realtair’s Pitch and Sign products, Aire’s RiTA offering, Before You Bid and CampaignAgent.

These innovative projects compliment BHGRE’s range of technological platforms and resources already available, such as the marketing resource hub and online university, helping the network to achieve superior results both in their business and for their clients.

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