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Implementing AI technology

Friday, 30th July, 2021 // Property Market News

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate will implement the RiTA (by AiRE) technology across its network. 

Offering RiTA to all offices at no charge for the first 6 months ensures Principals and sales agents have the opportunity to trial and benefit from the ground-breaking AI technology.

RiTA uses artificial intelligence and automation to help real estate professionals generate more listings from their database. The RiTA technology will identify opportunities and commence personalised and automated two-way SMS conversations. This will occur through a seamless integration with Greenhouse, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate’s proprietary business management platform, facilitated by their recently built Open API.

This year the brand has already released numerous tech-based innovations with the brand’s Open API has been leveraged to link their proprietary business platform, Greenhouse, to the third-party applications like Realtair’s Pitch and Sign products, Before You Bid and CampaignAgent. 

Additionally, the brand launched their QR Code Open Home check-in that enables attendees to self-check-in prior to entering a property using their camera on their phone. This brings a raft of benefits including easy access to property related documents to potential buyers, removing the need for agents to manually enter data, and feeding the content automatically into the CRM. 

These innovative projects complement Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate’s suite of platforms and resources already available, such as the marketing resource hub Greenspace, as well as their online Be Better university, helping the network to achieve outstanding results both in their business and for their clients.

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