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How to create a Hamptons-style kitchen

Tuesday, 17th August, 2021 // Property Market News, Tips & Advice

Hailing from the US East Coast, Hamptons style has become one of the most popular interior styles here in Australia – and for good reason!

With its palette of soft neutrals, deep blues and greens, focus on textural elements, its light, bright spaces, and decorative touches, it’s really not hard to see why this beachy style has stolen so many hearts.


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Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and even though we tend to picture a Hamptons-style living room or bedroom, there’s no reason the aesthetic can’t carry over.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite kitchens that feature this sophisticated coastal style, along with some handy tips for achieving the look at home!


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Cabinets become the focus of the kitchen, so matching them to the style is important. Just like their namesake, Hamptons interiors tend to sway toward the luxurious side of things, so choose white – and something with detail. Think shaker doors and metal, ornate hardware.


Image: Susan Stubbs /

Island bench

In almost all true Hamptons homes, you’ll find a kitchen island – it acts as the centre point of the space. Again, you’ll find that the island is ornate and detailed in its timberwork, and most will opt for a marble slab – it is all about luxury, after all! However, marble can get exxy pretty quickly, so engineered stone is a great alternative!


Image: Simon Whitbread /

Splashback and sink

The most popular splashback choice for Hamptons style kitchens is subway tiles, but you can also go for something a little different such as herringbone or hexagon. Choose light colours – sticking with white is common, but you can also choose to bring in a bit of pale blue, grey or green here!

For your sink, go with butler-style – very quintessentially Hamptons! Chrome hardware is also a must.


Image: John Downs /


Create a breakfast bar by adding bench seating. Go for natural materials or colours; think upholstered neutral linen (though be careful of spills!), rattan, or raw or painted timber.


Image: John Paul Urizar /


Lighting is a vital mark to hit when it comes to Hamptons, as it tends to be a bit of a feature. Most Hamptons kitchens will spotlight (literally!) the kitchen island with pendants. Bigger is better when it comes to choosing your light fitting – go for metal and glass lantern-style or a more modern dome pendant, depending on your personal style.


Image: John Paul Urizar /

Get decorating!

Like any styling or interiors project, the final touches are what really make the difference. Add a potted orchid, pastel blue or green ceramics, a generously filled fruit bowl, a luxuriously sized silver champagne bucket, linen tea towels, and gorgeous hand washes.


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