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The Power of Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Wednesday, 27th October, 2021 // Property Market News

Businesses engage in content marketing for apparent advantages such as search engine optimisation and online exposure. However, compelling content can do much more to promote a real estate agent and brand. Discover the untold benefits of real estate content marketing and how it catapults companies into impressive levels of success.

Provide Solutions

Well-researched content answers the questions clients have today and tomorrow. Beyond capturing the search engines, articles should provide meaningful solutions to readers. People seek information online to help them understand a topic or accomplish something relevant. Become a valued property related resource people rely on for pertinent updates. Study trends, interact with professionals in related industries and continually share what you learn. Use video, images, and infographics for visual recognition of crucial points.

Establish Trust

People trust a business that provides meaningful content. Over time, Real Estate Agents build rapport with their dedicated readers. When clients want the facts, they visit the business blog and social media accounts to get them. When a consumer is considering which agent to list their home, it just may be your last article or social media post that makes them consider you.

Helpful information can make their lives easier and better in some way. Content that creates this beneficial relationship makes people respect and rely on the agency posting it. While SEO drives traffic to your site, quality content keeps them there and brings them back for more. Focus on quality content rather than quantity.

Solidify a Positive Reputation

A real estate agent wants to create a reputation for providing the highest level of customer service. When people enjoy outstanding service, they are eager to talk about it. In a fast-paced world that often overlooks the customer, a stellar experience is memorable. People hear about a dedicated real estate agent then read original content about the industry. This type of dual marketing can propel a real estate agent to become the top producer in the area.

Attract Prospective Clients

People want information, updates, and inside tracks on the real estate industry. Buyers need to find a home. It is equally vital to frequently post the latest listings and make them attractive to buyers. Provide complete descriptions of the property, outline what makes it a beautiful place to live, and include images. Use keywords that pertain to the type of property and location. Well-written blogs about house listings attract prospective clients and help boost real estate sales.

Get a Conversation Started

Everyone has a story and wants others to hear it. Use content to get a conversation started. Ask questions about what buyers and sellers want. Encourage them to leave comments on blog entries and social media accounts. Use the information to define the current target market and craft campaigns that reach out to these people.

Brand Recognition

A real estate agency with hundreds of blog articles gains recognition. Everyone starts to recognise the company’s name, voice, and approach. It takes time and effort to post regular content. The reward is building a brand people relate to and remember. If they are ready to buy or sell a house, people should instantly think of your agency first.

Increase Sales

Like any other type of marketing, the purpose of posting unique content is to increase sales. Over time, trustworthy content will attract more clients and boost the agency’s bottom line. Use tools to track the progress of content marketing, such as Google Analytics and SEM Rush.

Reduce the Marketing Budget

As an agency builds a substantial body of diverse content, it continues to drive traffic to the business site. Without doing any additional work or spending more money, the material is helping to generate ongoing leads. Ongoing contact with the target market helps agencies reduce their overall marketing budget while they enjoy the fruits of their past labour.

Develop Profitable Partnerships

Referrals are a significant part of a real estate professional’s client base. Authoritative content attracts other professionals including mortgage bankers, conveyancers, contractors, decorators, architects, and others. Write about the latest real estate developments, why a sales contract matters, and how to stage a house. Target these groups of industry pros by posting diverse content that can help their clients, too. Localise the material to build relationships in the neighbourhood. Build a rapport over time and offer to exchange referrals.

Prove Your Value

Consumers choose businesses with a proven track record. Use content to show the value of the real estate agency and what it does for real-life clients. Create an article about home buyers who felt it was impossible to find a home and how the agent made their dreams come true. Post case studies of sellers who sold their homes in less time than the current market turnover. Include articles with images of happy buyers, testimonials, and relevant facts about the productivity of the agency. Let visitors know how much they get by choosing the agency.

As the real estate arm of Australia’s most trusted home brand, we have an abundance of engaging content opportunities for our network to ensure they’re a relevant part of consumers’ lives 365 days a year. These provide a game-changing way for our offices to maintain and cultivate consumer relationships.


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