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Super easy halloween monster biscuits

Thursday, 28th October, 2021 // Recipes

Try serving up a scare with these delicious little monsters! – by Better Homes and Gardens


• 175g unsalted butter, chopped, softened

• 3 cups icing sugar mixture

• 2 tsp vanilla extract

• 2 Tbsp milk

• Green, red and purple gel food colouring

• 24 medium-size chocolate-chip cookies

• Chocolate chips, to decorate

• Large marshmallows, to decorate

• Coloured chocolate buttons, to decorate

• Licorice straps, to decorate


  1. Put butter and 1/2 of the sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat on medium, using paddle attachment, for 5 minutes or until very light. Add remaining sugar and vanilla, then increase speed to high and beat for a further 3 minutes. Pour in milk and beat for 2 minutes. Divide mixture among 3 bowls.
  2. Tint each portion with a gel colour. Sandwich pairs of cookies together with coloured icing, with 1 side slightly open like a clam shell. Spread or pipe a little of another coloured icing on top. Decorate with chocolate chips, large marshmallows, coloured chocolate buttons and licorice straps. Serve.


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