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How to repair weatherboards

Friday, 18th March, 2022 // Tips & Advice

After a long winter and a busy spring your patio is probably in need of a spruce up. First thing to do is give it a good clean and, if you have weatherboards, a patch and paint job may be in order. 

Give your patio a quick and easy makeover to set it up for outdoor entertaining. Classic weatherboards are a great backdrop for country styling and if your cladding is looking a bit worse for wear you can freshen it with gap sealer and a paint touch-up.

Gather your supplies

  • Selleys No More Gaps Exterior
  • Exterior acrylic paint

You’ll also need

  • Short-handled brush
  • Gloves
  • Paintbrush
  • Dropsheet

For you to note

  • Gaps between boards need to be sealed, as they can lead to rot due to moisture build-up.
  • Use a flexible gap filler formulated for outdoor use that’s UV- and mould-resistant, so it deals with house movement and weathering.
  • This project uses a filler tube but you can use a cartridge and caulking gun

Step 1

Use brush to clean weatherboards.

Step 2

Cut tip of gap filler tube on an angle. Wearing gloves, apply a bead along each gappy joint in one long motion, maintaining even pressure.

Step 3

Use a wet gloved fingertip to run along each joint to remove excess filler. Leave for at least half an hour to form a skin.

Step 4

Paint over skin along joints using a brush.

Step 5

Apply coat of paint to weatherboards, using brush.

Final Result


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