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6 new tile trends for 2022 according to an expert

Friday, 25th March, 2022 // Tips & Advice

Now that you’ve finally picked out the perfect vanity for your bathroom remodelling. Are you having trouble deciding on the best-suited tiles for your reno?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best tile for your bathroom. What size and colour? Glazed or matte? For some expert advice, we caught up with Beaumont Tiles’ design specialist Rachel Gilding, Beaumont Tiles for her top five bathroom trends to watch in 2022.

1. Timber look

“Timber look tiles have gained global popularity over the past three years and are a must-have consideration for any new build or renovation. New timber look tile technologies allow for tile-to-tile variation – meaning that no two-timber look tile looks the same, and incredibly this unique tile range has both the same visual appeal and texture of the organic original.”

“Timber look tiles look and feel like natural wood without the hassles of termites, warpage, and care, thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology. Also, unlike vinyl or hybrid flooring, these ranges are high-heel compatible, VOC-free, colourfast, and long-lasting.”

2. Colour & Design 

Two colour palettes are dominating early adopter design projects at the moment:

  1. Relaxed and earthy tones of greens, clays, blues and light stones.
  2. Darker moody shades with organic origins such as timber looks, greys, and marbles.

“A lot of the design narratives you’ll be seeing this year will pay homage to the past with a futuristic twist. This will be illustrated through colour, pattern, and interesting 3D effect tiles designed to harness shadow and light when installed.”

3. Lineal lines

“Lineal lines burst into Australian design in 2021, and this year the trend is showing no signs of slowing down, and it’s not hard to see why. As the name implies, lineal lines are all about long, lean, slim lines, geometrics, and symmetry. The best part of this format is flexible horizontal and vertical applications, significant for creating visual interest and ideal for curved walls and small spaces. Think stacked subways or mosaics.”

The sleek and slim tiles that resemble everyone’s favourite break time chocolate are trending yet again in 2022. The slender finger-like kit-kat tiles look gorgeous in the bathroom, as a lounge room feature wall or kitchen splashback.

4. Large format marble

“Slabs of 800x1600mm and upwards with deep gorgeous veining are a trending tile format due to the wow factor they bring and their requirement for less grouting than smaller sizes. However, with the swing toward the Mediterranean and Vintage styling, the smaller 200x200mm size has quickly become its rival. Slabs are a timeless yet modern size, uniquely positioned to accommodate all design angles, from fireplaces and bed heads to main floors and monsoon shower spaces.”

5. Terrazzo 

“In the past 24 months, Terrazzo has exploded in popularity here in Australia. This is because it’s a natural progression of the concrete-look tile trend that has been popular for some time already. Terrazzo is a playful expansion of this, embracing colour and offering a truly bespoke finish due to the aggregate design never being the same from tile to tile. 2022 will further explore this trend in terms of colour and chip size with coloured designs that feature small, medium, and large aggregate chips.”

6. Travertine

“With its raw, weathered character, Travertine looks will transform any area, and 2022 is seeing its resurgence in popularity. It’s not hard to see why as each tile has a soft, smooth and natural appearance. Travertine has been traditionally used as an outdoor or poolside paver, yet this recent resurgence in popularity will see it move indoors for main floor, bathroom, and living area installations.” 

“400 x 400 sizing has been the traditional look, but the rise in popularity will see Travertine feature in 400×600, 400×400, 400×200 and 200×200 sizes. This creates endless opportunities for laying patterns, including the elegant French lay pattern. The trick to Travertine with this evolution of styling is to make sure that when using the natural product, it is sealed correctly or to minimise maintenance opt for a travertine-look tile. Your trusted specialist stone or tile retailer will be able to guide you on what would be your best option depending on the space you wish to use it.”

How should you choose grout colours?

“Grout plays both a functional and decorative role in any tiling project, and the proper grout colour selection can dramatically change the look of your layout. You can play around with colours and shades to create different effects or visually blend away.”

If you want to make a statement with a grout colour that stands out:

  1. Choose a fun tile laying pattern paired with a contrasting grout colour.
  2. Whereas if you want your space to appear larger, unify your tile, such as with a timber look tile floor, go for a close match to your tile to complement the palette.
  3. If you’re choosing grout colour for dark floor tiles such as concrete-look and stone-look, find the darkest hues in the tile and camouflage a grout colour to match for a seamless look.


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