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This paint colour could be stopping you from sleeping

Tuesday, 29th March, 2022 // Tips & Advice

Many start off the new year with the resolution to sleep better. But how exactly are you achieving that goal? Will a new mattress or switching off the electronics do the trick? Or could it simply come down to the colour of your bedroom?

According to psychologists, the paint you choose for your bedroom walls can significantly impact your sleeping pattern. Although feng shui may be steering you towards choosing the colour red to manifest energy, this is the one hue that psychologists have ruled out to avoid and keep at a minimum.

Colour psychologist and holistic designer Suzy Chiazzari explained that warm tones like reds, oranges, and other hot colours can raise blood pressure and increase heartbeat and muscle movement.

Whereas colour psychologist Lee Chambers shared that ‘crimson can literally keep us on high alert and can leave us feeling unsettled, rather than being at peace and feeling restful.’

What colour might be the best option to choose instead?

The answer is purple. A recent study surveyed the sleeping patterns of 1000 Americans to reveal that only 12% of respondents with purple walls confessed to having a bad night’s sleep. 

Out of the various shades of purple, sleep expert and writer Christine Lapp recommends that you look for bluer hues over pinker tints. ‘Purple is known to represent peace. Therefore, this colour provides a sense of tranquillity and allows the body to unwind and rest easier,’ she said.

‘Blue was the second-best paint colour for sleep, known for its soothing and calming properties, whereas pink tends to be the colour best suited for inducing creativity, exciting the brain, rather than winding it down.’


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